Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety, panic, and stress reactions develop when persistent problems remain unresolved. These troublesome and often painful feelings are almost impossible to avoid in modern life with its unending demands, pressures, and disappointments.

It is natural to experience fear and anxiety under certain circumstances. Who hasn’t been nervous when a loved one hasn’t contacted us when expected, or before a crucial test? Who isn’t nervous before a major presentation before a large audience or facing a meeting with your boss when you don’t know what to expect?


Anxiety becomes a problem when it is persistent and overly intense. At times, we may not even be aware of the cause of anxiety as when a person experiences a sudden panic attack when all seems well. At other times, we may be aware of the cause but can’t shut off our mind and we wind up continuously ruminating about the problem unendingly. These ruminations interrupt our well-being in many ways. They keep us from enjoying ourselves, relating normally to others, relaxing, and sleeping well. Those who have experienced severe, unremitting anxiety know just how painful and disruptive this condition can be.


Anxiety can arise over practical circumstances like financial problems and getting behind in crucial bills. It can also arise, however, over personal concerns such as fear of rejection or ridicule and self-doubt about one’s worth.

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