Orange Counseling Associates offers counseling and psychotherapy to help with the challenges and problems that we all face as we navigate through our lives. Positive changes occur when we have the opportunity to explore our issues and problems with someone who is understanding, concerned, and empathetic.

Organizing Thoughts and Feelings

Counseling helps us understand and organize our thoughts about circumstances and feelings that have become troublesome and persistent. We can get stuck in stressful or demanding situations that leave us feeling anxious, frustrated, or depressed. We may know, for example, that we are not living up to our potential but can’t find the initiative or right state of mind to do something about it. We may sense that our relationship or our job is no longer fulfilling, but not have the clarity to decide what steps to take to ameliorate the problem. We may know that we’ve been depressed or despondent and not really living the life we had hoped for but haven’t found a way to change it.

If we let too much time pass or don’t properly address our problems and circumstances, we may wind up paying a price in missed opportunities. We might stay too long with the wrong job or the wrong partner. We may not find a way to fix the existing problems or get past living with feelings and attitudes that are detrimental to our well-being.

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