Group Therapy and Support Groups 

Group therapy involves a group leader or facilitator who leads a group of 5 to 15 clients. The groups generally meet weekly and are either open, which means people can join the group at any time, or closed, which means that the original group meets for a specified number of meetings without additional people attending. Many groups are intended to deal with a specific problem, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or addictive behavior. Some groups target socialization issues, such as shyness and social phobia, anger issues, loneliness, and self-esteem problems. Other groups are more general and are intended to help with adjustment to life’s pressures and demands and offer support and a place to receive feedback and share problems and issues. Many people join groups in addition to individual counseling.

Group counseling is in many ways the treatment of choice for many people. It offers the opportunity to meet with people who share the same problems and issues. It helps to realize that you’re not alone with the problems and issues that you are facing and that others are literally in the same boat. It can be a huge relief to realize that others have the same struggles and are willing to share their experiences. It can allow you to relate to others and offer mutual support. It feels encouraging to receive help from others as it can be edifying to be able help others as well. It is our opinion that group therapy and support groups are underutilized. We hope to push this agenda forward.


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Men’s Support Group

Join our Men’s Group to explore your concerns and feelings with other men who are also interested in connecting and sharing with others. Our groups often focus on problems with relationships, self-confidence, addictions and other issues that often go unspoken in our daily lives. Group members find that they are able to overcome often intractable problems such as depression, anxiety, emotional isolation and chronic frustration and anger. They also discover that they are able to improve their relationships with their spouses and partners as well as with their work relationships. The group experience often leads to improved empathy and the ability to share feelings openly and directly.

Our Men’s Group provides a safe and confidential place to share personal struggles and to learn to be more open and vulnerable with others. The group allows its members to slow down and get in touch with strong, often buried feelings. Many men come to understand that they’re not alone with their particular problems and learn to give and receive direct and honest feedback from the group.

Many men say that their group is the best part of their week.

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Anger Management Group

Our Anger Management Group will help you to understand and control your anger. If you have found yourself dealing with the frequent discomfort of angry feelings, as well as its destructive impact on your relationships, you will benefit from our Anger Management Group. We will look at anger as a natural reaction to frustration, as well as its relationship to hurt feelings, rejection, guilt and feelings of failure and shame. Anger, additionally, is often associated with jealousy, financial pressure and the general lack of fulfillment and satisfaction in one’s life.

We need to control our anger before it triggers a destructive cycle that can result in shattered relationships, problems at work and addictive behaviors. Dealing with anger is often the starting point of dealing with our lives.

We will explore angry feelings as an omnipresent reaction to the many difficult situations and circumstances that we all face.  We will, most importantly, focus on how we can control and express these feelings in a manner that enhances rather than destroys our relationships and that allows us to navigate our lives with increased calmness, direction and success.

Join us and begin the journey of understanding and taming your anger. We will support and encourage you as we watch group members improve their mood, their relationships and their peace of mind.

If you struggle with controlling your anger, contact us today to learn how you can benefit from our Anger Management group.

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