Life Transitions

Life transitions are almost always stressful. Adjusting to changes in life involves some degree of discomfort and stress, even on those occasions when the change is hoped for and essentially positive. Transitions that are typically viewed as positive, such as weddings, births, new jobs, and retirement, have their own share of anxiety and stress. Something new and different is facing us and we are aware that the future and our feelings can be uncertain. More stressful changes, such as death, divorce, unemployment, and illness, are always painful, can be overwhelming, and often lead to periods of anxiety and depression.

How Can Counseling Help?

When life transitions are particularly difficult it is often useful to consult a therapist for an in-depth discussion of the feelings and attitudes related to the change. Counseling for these problems often involves components of support, encouragement, expression of feelings, and development of strategies to lessen stress and anxiety. It can be a major relief to talk to someone who understands and is able to help you work through the problems and alternatives that you are now facing.


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